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encif global

During delving into the OpenBSD network stack recently I noticed an
inconsistency with the global variable 'encif'. It is defined at the top
if sys/net/if_enc.c as 'struct enc_softc encif[NENC];' and is externed
in one other file, sys/net/route.c as 'extern struct ifnet encif;'.

I realise that the enc_softc structure is just a structure holding one
ifnet structure and hence referring to encif in the function
encap_findgwifa in route.c is just referring to the first element of the
array encif[] defined in if_enc. The inconsistency between types is
however confusing.

I checked CVS logs and it looks like if_enc.c was updated to use the
array rather than a single ifnet structure some time ago (revision 1.12
in 1999!) and route.c was never changed.

Sam Jansen