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Re: [OIC] isakmpd NAT-Traversal - testers wanted

Were the patent issues resolved?

Hakan Olsson wrote:

> Support for NAT-Traversal in isakmpd was added just recently (yesterday or
> so). The support is for ESP-tunnels only, not AH or transport mode.
> So far, it has only been tested between various OpenBSD/isakmpd boxes, and
> I would appreciate if people could try to test this against other vendors
> and mail me the results.
> To test, first update isakmpd to -current, anoncvs should have the sources
> by now.
> There is no special isakmpd configuration required to activate NAT-T, it's
> all automatic.  However, you need to run "sysctl net.inet.esp.udpencap=1"
> on both sides, as well as permitting UDP port 4500 in addition to the
> normal 500.
> If it does not work, mail me a description of the problem, the last 2-300
> lines from 'isakmpd -d -DA=90 -L', and the output from 'tcpdump -nvr
> /var/run/isakmpd.pcap'. (You'll probably want to update tcpdump as well.)
> Thanks,
>   Håkan
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