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MP snapshots for other archs?

Is there any plan to build -current MP snapshots for architectures besides
i386?  I have some alpha, sparc and sparc64 machines available to test on,
and having snapshots would greatly expand the number of machines I can
test.. especially if the sparc and sparc64 snaps have working netboot as

Alphastation 4/233 (uniprocessor 233MHz 21066A workstation)
Alpha PC164LX (ATX-ish 333MHz 21164A board)
Sparcstation 10 with a couple different processors to pick from.. at least
one matched set for SMP.
SparcClassic (75 MHz microsparc IIRC)
For the brave:
Sparcstation 2 (assuming either of them still work, it's been a while)
Sparcstation IPC (dead NVRAM but it can be convinced to boot)
Ultra (single or dual CPU, a few different CPUs and several Sbus boards to
Ultra 5 (333MHz IIi?)
Ultra 10 (440MHz IIi?)
Enterprise 220R - single 300MHz but I can probably borrow a second CPU

With the exception os the 220R and the AlphaPC 164, these have all run
OpenBSD at some point in the past or are running it now.

And if it stood a chance of working at all, I have a SparcServer 630MP
which could probably be put into working order again.  Last it was powered
on over a year ago it was chugging on SunOS 4.1.something.. if it's of
genuine interest to somebody I'll round up the muscle to move the thing,
stoke the boilers, and get it running.

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