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Re: We are looking for a particular SMP machine

> At 12:53 PM 06/13/2004 -0600, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> >
> >We are looking for a machine that displays "no MP mapping found"
> >messages during boot of GENERIC.MP.  If you have one available, please
> >drop me a note saying what you can do (include as much of a dmesg as
> >you can) and I'll pick the best of the worst and take it off your
> >hands...  It is not going to work with GENERIC.MP until we fix this
> >(and once we fix it, it will be a poor performer because the board is
> >badly designed)
> >
> 	I've got a few MP machines not live right now, but nothing that couldn't
> be hooked up to test and see if they do this.
> Is there any particular maker/model/chipset that tends to do this, so I
> don't end up trying everything I've got?

No, there is nothing clear we know yet.

We know that some big rackmount Dell machines do it.  We know that
some others do it.  But we do not have a clear idea of specific types
of machines that do it (and when we do, we don't know how big they

Sorry, wish we knew more..