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Re: Need some kernels tested


1) In the first place we are interested how
   works on both single and multi processor machines.

2) But, of course we are also interested on how
   works on multi or single processor machines.

You report does not include whether bsd.i386 works on your machine.

Does it work?

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 05:07:41AM -0400, Masoud Sharbiani wrote:
> OK, here it goes: 
> i386;OpenBSD 3.5-current (GENERIC.MP) #16: Tue Jun  8 19:23:19 MDT 2004; IBM IntelliStation M Pro w/2x300MHz P2 + ahc; doing make build; gcc fails in middle of build with sig11 error
> And here is the dmesg: