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Re: Need some kernels tested

>     ftp://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/smp/
> contains
>     bsd.alpha   bsd.cats    bsd.i386    bsd.mp.i386 bsd.sparc64
>     bsd.amd64   bsd.hppa    bsd.macppc  bsd.sparc   bsd.vax
> Please test all these kernels if you can, with your regularily running
> machine.  Please report any failures in as much details as possible.
> New kernels will be placed there about every 24 hours for the next
> few days.  You MUST give your kernel date when you mail in, and if
> there is a new one when you are about to mail, test it instead, and
> discard the results that you saw.

When you test mail your successes to beck@openbsd.org as follows: 

arch;first line of dmesg;Machine Description;Stuff it's doing;any comments 

For example, mail something like this for successes..
i386:OpenBSD 3.5-current (GENERIC) #18: Mon Jun  7 14:36:26 MDT 2004:Asus K7V with 1 1.0ghz athlon. + ahc SCSI;Make build in a loop, mailserver, spamd pf/carp/pfsync; looks ok.
sparc64:OpenBSD 3.5-current (GENERIC) #18: Mon Jun  7 14:53:20 MDT 2004:sunblade 150; Ran 1 Make build and built X

Failures require *details* to be mailed, and can be mailed to the list. 
Please make sure it is a failure that happens only with the test kernel,
and not with the current snapshot kernel. If you get a kernel crash
Please ensure you get dmesg, trace and ps from DDB at a minimum.

We would really like to see tests on as wide a spectrum of machines
(particularly for i386) as possible.