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Re: Need some kernels tested

I was wondering whether running (and testing) these require a 'current' 
machine, or a 3.5 would do.


Theo de Raadt wrote:

>In the next hours or so, a new directory will show up that has some
>kernels that we need tested.
>These are from the SMP branch.  Hold your horses, don't get too
>excited, and above all, don't get too chatty or you'll be slowing us
>    ftp://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/smp/
>    bsd.alpha   bsd.cats    bsd.i386    bsd.mp.i386 bsd.sparc64
>    bsd.amd64   bsd.hppa    bsd.macppc  bsd.sparc   bsd.vax
>Please test all these kernels if you can, with your regularily running
>machine.  Please report any failures in as much details as possible.
>New kernels will be placed there about every 24 hours for the next
>few days.  You MUST give your kernel date when you mail in, and if
>there is a new one when you are about to mail, test it instead, and
>discard the results that you saw.
>We don't want to hear about make -j or performance issues, we just
>don't care.  If you think we're going to care about how fast it is
>when we are just getting it going, then don't bother even downloading
>it and trying it.  We don't want to hear cheers
>Please remain focused, and do not post this out too far and wide.  If
>you flood us with flawed problem reports, this will just take longer.
>That's a promise.