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Re: OpenBSD Based Wireless Node

>From: Bob Beck <beck@bofh.cns.ualberta.ca>
>To: Chuck Yerkes <chuck+obsd@2004.snew.com>
>CC: tech@openbsd.org
>Subject: Re: OpenBSD Based Wireless Node
>* Chuck Yerkes <chuck+obsd@2004.snew.com> [2004-06-01 20:12]:
> > Quoting Sevan / Venture37 (venture37@hotmail.com):
> > > hello
> > > With the latest version on obsd is it possible to replace MeshAP & 
> > > a solution for wireless nodes & hotspots based on openbsd rather then 
> > > (aodv etc etc)??
> >
> > Well, offhand I might say sure, but then I really don't feel like
> > learning the language of the linux offshoots.
> >
> > What is it, technically, that you're looking to have it do?
> >
>	Probably the same things we do in OpenBSD with bridge, giftunnel,
>authpf and optionally, hostap if you don't want to use commercial
>	-Bob

You know Bob, You gave me an idea,
The Linksys 802.11g switch/router/AP is open-sourced to allow Linux Hard-Hat 
kernels in addition to the standard kernel/nucleus from LinkSys/Cisco.

A Hyper-secure FFS-based oBSD AP with Firewall.

On a MIPS R3K/R4K embedded Micro or something.   Hrm...
(Sean googles furiously over a dial-up connection...)
Just a thought.


Now that Theo got the Sparc-based CPUS more secure than IBM Mainframe s390 
Boxen, maybe we need some router devices that prevent access to malicious 
coders from getting into the network.


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