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Re: OpenBSD Based Wireless Node

* Chuck Yerkes <chuck+obsd@2004.snew.com> [2004-06-01 20:12]:
> Quoting Sevan / Venture37 (venture37@hotmail.com):
> > hello
> > With the latest version on obsd is it possible to replace MeshAP & provide 
> > a solution for wireless nodes & hotspots based on openbsd rather then linux 
> > (aodv etc etc)??
> Well, offhand I might say sure, but then I really don't feel like
> learning the language of the linux offshoots.
> What is it, technically, that you're looking to have it do?

	Probably the same things we do in OpenBSD with bridge, giftunnel,
authpf and optionally, hostap if you don't want to use commercial