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Re: FW: [Full-Disclosure] yet another OpenBSD kernel hole ...

Steven Schneider wrote:
> Lars Hansson <lars@unet.net.ph> [20031120 06:55 MST -0700]:
> >
> > Steven Schneider wrote:
> >
> > >Ah, who cares what this noir guy says.
> > >
> > That fact that he act and behaves like an idiot doesnt mean he's
> > technically wrong.
> > Security issues, wether put forth by sensible professionals or raving
> > morons,
> > almost always deserves attention of some sort.
> >
> True, but it wasn't the security issue I was referring too, but his
> rant.  Sorry if I didn't make that clear in the text that followed
> my opening statement.  :-)

Hey.  Whatever motiviates him.
If the goal is having a better OS, great.
If the goal is a personal attack on Theo or any other developer,

Either way, the result is a better product.  For this, we thank him!