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Re: FW: [Full-Disclosure] yet another OpenBSD kernel hole ...

Bruno Rohee wrote...
> Not anymore at the time of your writing. Since quite a few hours.
> CVSROOT:        /cvs
> Module name:    src
> Changes by:     margarida@cvs.openbsd.org       2003/11/17 15:50:16
> Modified files:
>         sys/compat/ibcs2: Tag: OPENBSD_3_3 ibcs2_exec.c
> Log message:
> Pull patch from -current:
> Fix by tedu@
> add a missing bounds check that allowed a stack overrun. reported by
> Georgi Guninski.  also prevent an int overflow.  ok millert@

Yep I saw that, am rebuilding my kernel as we speak.... my 3.4 upgrade will
happen sooner rather than later.


	There are 10 types of people.  Those that understand binary, 
	and those that don't.