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Re: FW: [Full-Disclosure] yet another OpenBSD kernel hole ...

> How do I learn more about the operating system at a low level so I can
> better understand and perhaps help rectify problems such as this?

I've asked myself this many times.  The first step is to read and understand
"Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System" by McKusick et
al., then to read the source code and try to understand it, line by line.
It's an awfully hard job, but the efforts are worth the rewards.  I started
this plan of attack for understanding the OpenBSD kernel in-depth about six
months ago, and I am only about a fifth of the way there I expect.  I know
enough to know where I am, and what I need to do to finish the job so I can
start making useful contributions like patches anyway.

It's also helpful, once you've gotten so far, to compile the kernel without
the inbuilt debugging and use ddb or remote debugging with gdb.  `man ddb`
and `man kgdb` give clues.

ddb is much easier to begin with.