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Re: /etc/rc /tmp and MFS with swap encryption.

> >>On Thursday 13 November 2003 14:11, Bruno Rohee wrote:
> >> /tmp in mfs and swap encryption solves all those.
>And is pretty stable - no, rock solid even.

Nice, and straightforward implementation of 'temp' filespaces.
Something Microsoft would be wise to implement.

> >If you succeed to make that by default I'll be happier.
>Think of boxen with 16 Mebibytes of RAM. Not even
>softdep is default in OpenBSD of today.

Agreed, Appliances are less likely for a script-kiddie filecracker to go 
since they usually don't have a #2 Phillips Screwdriver on them to take
them out of the rack...

However, this topic is a good one for the FAQ, and illustrative examples.


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