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Re: new options for ifconfig

Ron Oliver wrote:

> On Sun, 28 Jul 2002, Andreas Krennmair wrote:
> But, consider the alternative: Theo, ever-so-eager to implement any
> change that a user would find convenient, implements your patches.
> But then, I want more switches to get the output the way I want it,
> and dozens of others want their switches.  Finally, Theo the Eager,
> trying to make everyone happy, introduces format strings to allow
> you to customize the output, and remote access to ifconfig for those
> who think doing that over ssh is "kludgy," support for $THIS, $THAT,
> and $THE_OTHER_THING, etc., et. al., ad nauseum, ...
> "One remote hole in the default install, in nearly 6 days!"
> Not to mention that Theo the Eager, in trying to make everyone happy,
> has now inflated OpenBSD to the point where the minimal install
> will no longer fit on half the machines it's running on without more
> RAM, disk, etc.  Then, Windows DRM Edition can boast "Requires fewer
> resources than OpenBSD!"

"Theo the Eager"??? ROFL