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Re: new options for ifconfig

> .... and I can't believe how much shit he gets from his own users (Theo
> the Rat?). I can't understand why this is.  Does anyone wonder why he is
> harsh?  I am sure if he was idol-worshipped like Linus he would be
> (but still drop your patch like a lead weight).

I would like to think that the reason that he didn't get "idol-worshipped"
is because of the fantastic user community that OpenBSD appeals to(ie: we
are all adults and the days of scrimping pocket money to attend rock stars'
concerts are long past). We don't give a damm about fanciful bells and
whistles at the expense of security. What we want is a SECURE and STABLE
operating system without bullshit and crap. Putting in a non-standard option
in a system critical program must always be backed by a damm good reason and
in this case, the only reason being convinence... Sorry dude, awk loves j00.

Give Theo some credit. Just because he did not take Diplomacy 101 in his
college days means he is a rat?

Steve Lam