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Re: ln and -F

On Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Chris Humphries wrote:

> yes, i have just been doing some reading on that, and one should still be able
> to use -F for symlinks, correct? so why not enable a logic rule that makes it
> where you have to have -s in conjunction with it, or else it will not work?

You don't need it.  -s will link directories without the need of a -F
flag.  The -F stands for "I really mean this, yes I do.  I'm nuts, but
go ahead anyway."

You do not want your directories hard linked.  Ever.  If you think you
need to hard link dirs, think it over again.  The -F option is for people
who really know that they are doing.  Those people don't ask about the
lack of documentation.

If you ever would give them a helping hand,
You can be sure they'll chop off the arm.
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