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Re: Hard drive RPM not reported correctly

It doesn't.

First of all IDE uses the "flexible disk page" instead of the rigid one.
After a quick glance at the code it *seems* to be correct. This trick is
simple enough (after hooking up the SCSI analyzer to figure out if I was
crazy or the OS!), I'll try to fix it for ATAPI as well.


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Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2002 03:02
Subject: Re: Hard drive RPM not reported correctly

> How does this affect a similar issue with IDE hard disks?
> <with snips>
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> Subject: Hard drive RPM not reported correctly
> >Originator: Marco Peereboom
> >Synopsis: OpenBSD uses default value of 3600 RPM for hard drives.
> >Environment:
> System      : OpenBSD 3.1
> Architecture: OpenBSD.i386
> Machine     : i386
> >Description:
> Issue a "disklabel -d sd0c" and the RPM field will report a hard
> coded value of 3600 RPM.
> Besides this there is also a hard coded value of 0x20 in
> scsi/sd_scsi.c which prevents the
> mode sense command to return all the mode page data. Most mode pages
> will work but the
> bigger ones won't (for example the "Rigid Disk Drive Geometry
> Page").
> >How-To-Repeat:
> disklabel -d sd0c does the trick.
> >Fix:
> - Added the rpm field to the flex geometry for completion sake in
> sys/scsi/scsi_disk.h
> - Removed hard coded 3600 RPM value from sys/scsi/sd.c
> - Changed the mode sense data length from 0x20 to 0xff in
> - Removed hard coded 3600 RPM value from sys/scsi/sd_scsi.c
> - Added dynamic rpm values instead of hard coded ones.
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