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Re: Network configuration

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Subba Rao wrote:

> How do I configure my ethernet (PCMCIA) card for static and
> DHCP setups? At work it is DHCP while at home it is static.
> What are the commands that will allow me to configure my network?

run DHCP at home


keep two hostname.devicename (like /etc/hostname.fxp0) files and automate
swapping them out by testing for something that indicates home or work or
ask on boot up. One contains the config for DHCP and the other has the
static info in it.

Nice thing about running DHCP at home is that readdressing is just
restarting dhclient. So I never reboot my laptop but just suspend and
reconfigure (certain network daemons like to be restarted when you swap
nets). It's convenient and lazy. I'm all about that.

This is a pretty common requirement. I'm sure others will have some good
answers too.


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