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Re: ipf

Jonathan Walther <krooger@debian.org> writes:

> Is Darren pissed because he wasn't given commit access to the OpenBSD
> tree?  Given his actions wrt ircd back in 83-84, I don't blame the
> OBSD team.  Still, if people decide to trust him *cough* maybe that
> is a coin Mr Reed is interested in being paid in; given exclusive
> control over how his source is integrated with OBSD.

If it's not a license giving the same rights to everyone in the world we're
not interested.


> On Thu, 31 May 2001, Joseph W. Shaw II wrote:
> > That's one of my concerns.  Darren obviously did know that OpenBSD
> > included ipf as part of the distributions because it's listed on the
> > ipfilter home page!  I know Darren has commited code and changes to the
> > FreeBSD CVS, so I'm wondering if he's granted them permission to change
> > his work.  I'm not sure if he has or has not, because as far as I know
> > he's done all the work himself.  This is based off Darren's own postings
> > to the ipfilter mailing list.