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Re: ipf & gcc

At 08:53 AM 5/31/2001, Brad wrote:
>Ya and that's a little hard when there are no good/useable FREE compilers.

Here are the two most promising opportunities to create one.

The first is TenDRA, which is licensed under what is basically a BSD license.
It's already in FreeBSD's collection of ports. The nice thing about TenDRA
is that it has a robust intermediate representation which encapsulates a
lot of the semantics of the higher-level code. This facilitates both
optimization and portability.

The second is OpenWatcom (http://www.openwatcom.org). This is the Watcom
compiler, which has been around literally for generations. (I used WATFOR,
an optimizing FORTRAN compiler for the IBM 360, back in 1976.) Sybase,
which now owns the compiler, wants to make it open source. (See


on their Web site.) Watcom's latest C/C++ compiler already generates highly
optimized code, and the linker can output COFF and ELF. (It has to, because
it supports QNX.)

The OpenWatcom project has not yet chosen a license but is strongly 
considering the BSD or Artistic License. If folks from the various BSD 
projects say that they will adopt the compiler and contribute to its
continued development if one of these licenses is used, they are likely 
to take these offers quite seriously. If Theo were to approach them, and/or
if other members of BSD projects did, they'd likely go for it.