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Re: passive/active ftp

on 05/31/01, Mark Nejedlo wisely declared:

> If you are useing port forwarding over an ssh tunnel for ftp, you 
> will need to use pasv ftp connections.  Active connections will fail. 
> Anything more complex than cd or pwd in ftp requires a connection to 
> be opened, which is why you saw the behavior that you did.
> Mark

Yes, I know:

> > and I can set the ftp client to use passive mode.

My question is, how do I do that on the OpenBSD server? The -P flag is the
only thing I can see that is remotely similar, and setting that does not

This is OpenBSD 2.8, i386, generic kernel with netatalk turned on. I'm
starting ftpd from inetd with this line:

ftp  stream  tcp  nowait  root    /usr/libexec/ftpd ftpd -llUSP

By the way, folks, I know about sftp, scp and other solutions. I'm trying
to set up a GUI encrypted (username and password only, that's ok) ftp
solution for my technophobic users, along the lines of
and I specifically need a Mac solution. dreamwvr mentioned SSL enabled
FTP, I'll look into that too. The solution in the webpage above works for
connecting to my Irix boxes, and a SunOS5.6 box. I just can't get it to
work on OpenBSD.



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