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Re: Scanning OpenBSD with NMAP - mysterious Results ???

I believe that that is reffering to the chance that nmap would have at
guessing the OS. not the hackability of the OS or whatever.  if you read
the doc for nmap i believe that you'ss see that


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On Thu, 31 May 2001, Johann Steigenberger wrote:

> Hi,
> in the company i work, our security consultant told me OpenBSD would be the
> most secure OS available ....
> Im quite new on OpenBSD but are very familiare with Linux.
> Because i wanted to test, i scanned one of our OpenBSD boxes using
> nmap -v -sS -O -P0
> and got a very mysterious Result :
> NMAP says : Difficulty 25374 (Worthly Challenge)
> ??????????????
> This comes usually out if you would scan a win2k box :-)
> At home ive a Linux Box with Kernel 2.0.39 wich shows a 9999999 (Good Luck)
> even if
> i do a scan on the localhost (without any filers)
> As i told this to my boss he only laughted and sayed : find it out :-)
> So my Question to you :
> Why gets OpenBSD so poor Results ???
> Thanks and Best Regards
> Johann