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Re: ipf

I don't think that is necessary. From what I gather it will be in
ports(?) Just not in the base OS, which is fine.


On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 03:38:18PM -0500, John Vernier Simon wrote:
> Sorry dude, but what you say sounds like one huge pissing match, if Theo wants
> to play ball like that, his call. I think it is a mistake, sure the license
> conflicts, and I am sure you and the lawyers and Theo and Darren and everyone
> can argue licening till the freaking cows come home. My point is that removing
> IPF is NOT helping OpenBSD, or the Open Source communities image. Big buissness
> frowns on this kinda bickering, and seeing this I am sure a lot of large corps
> will shy away from OpenBSD, even though it is the best and most secure OS. Oh
> well, have fun, I will be running IPF on Solaris till things get resolved.
> John