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Scanning OpenBSD with NMAP - mysterious Results ???


in the company i work, our security consultant told me OpenBSD would be the
most secure OS available ....
Im quite new on OpenBSD but are very familiare with Linux.
Because i wanted to test, i scanned one of our OpenBSD boxes using
nmap -v -sS -O -P0
and got a very mysterious Result :

NMAP says : Difficulty 25374 (Worthly Challenge)


This comes usually out if you would scan a win2k box :-)

At home ive a Linux Box with Kernel 2.0.39 wich shows a 9999999 (Good Luck)
even if
i do a scan on the localhost (without any filers)

As i told this to my boss he only laughted and sayed : find it out :-)
So my Question to you :

Why gets OpenBSD so poor Results ???

Thanks and Best Regards