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passive/active ftp

I've been wrestling with this port forwarding ftp over ssh thing for a
while now, and there seems to be a consensus that my problems might have
something to do with passive/active FTP. I've tried connecting with the
client software (on the mac, fetch or interarchy tunnelled over MacSSH or
the F-secure ssh client, on the pc side using ws_ftp_le tunnelled over
ttssh.exe), and I can navigate the directory structure with the ftp
client, and I can set the ftp client to use passive mode. The best
connection I've been able to create, however, lets me navigate the
directory structure, but when I try to list the directory, or send data, I
get an error along the lines of:

ftpd: [ ] can't build data directory: no such file or directory.

So my question is: is there a kernel config or setting, or a setting in
ftpd that needs to be set to enable passive transfers? I've used the -P
flag on ftpd and that's not doing it. Do I have to set explicitly (in
in.h?) the port that the data connection uses, and if it's passive or

If the problem isn't in active/passive, I have a gazillion other
questions, about whether I have something incorrect in ssh_config,
sshd_config, inetd.conf or rc.local, but those can wait until later.

It's tough as a newbie to express just how much the help I get means to
me. 'I very much appreciate it' can only be said so many times, but it is
*so* true. Thank you.


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