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Re: ipf & gcc

> At 11:31 PM 5/30/2001, Damien Miller wrote:
> >I'll take gcc with its annoying licence to the days of Unix vendors
> >charging thousands for compilers. Some markets are better dead.
> I disagree.
> First of all, GPLed software is not free -- either by OpenBSD's definition
> or by any commonsense definition of the word. OpenBSD should use a truly
> free compiler. Second, the GPL's explicitly stated goals are to destroy 
> consumer choice and programmers' livelihoods. OpenBSD should not participate 
> in such a malicious agenda. Finally, GCC is only a mediocre compiler. Alas, 
> because the GPL precludes commercial programmers from being rewarded for 
> making incremental improvements to it, and GCC destroys the market for
> other compilers, we are stuck with this mediocrity. OpenBSD and all other 
> software compiled with GCC suffers as a result.
> OpenBSD should stick to its priniciples and use a truly free compiler.

We are very happy that Brett has started work on alternatives, and even more
pleased that there will be a quiet period until such time as he has one in
beta test.