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Re: ipf & gcc

At 11:31 PM 5/30/2001, Damien Miller wrote:

>I'll take gcc with its annoying licence to the days of Unix vendors
>charging thousands for compilers. Some markets are better dead.

I disagree.

First of all, GPLed software is not free -- either by OpenBSD's definition
or by any commonsense definition of the word. OpenBSD should use a truly
free compiler. Second, the GPL's explicitly stated goals are to destroy 
consumer choice and programmers' livelihoods. OpenBSD should not participate 
in such a malicious agenda. Finally, GCC is only a mediocre compiler. Alas, 
because the GPL precludes commercial programmers from being rewarded for 
making incremental improvements to it, and GCC destroys the market for
other compilers, we are stuck with this mediocrity. OpenBSD and all other 
software compiled with GCC suffers as a result.

OpenBSD should stick to its priniciples and use a truly free compiler.