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Re: ipf

>It would allow it, if darren would give a permission to openbsd ..

Well, it all boils down to a matter of honesty. Free software like
OpenBSD can not afford to include components which are somehow not
legally kosher. The wording of the ipf license was close enough to
a crucial part of the BSD license that non-lawyers were lead to believe
that it was the same. Essentially, the OpenBSD team did this "in good
faith" (I believe that is the legalese term). Well, then it turns out
that license to modify ipf was not granted after all, at any time.

This came as a surprise to most people, but with Darren's clarification
in hand, a "good faith" defense for keeping ipf in OpenBSD was no longer
possible, and ipf had to be removed from the main source tree. 

It is possible that a measure of diplomacy could make Darren grant 
OpenBSD permission to distribute a modified version of ipf. At the 
moment OpenBSD does not have that permission, and from the various
reports it seems that Darren is not interested in working with the
OpenBSD project.

If what you are saying is that you volunteer to act as a mediator in
order to try to get negotiations started, I'm sure it would be appreciated.
Especially if it is kept off the tech list. (** YES! KILL THIS THREAD
IN tech NOW! MOVE TO misc! **)

- Peter

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