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Sendmail Panic

Yesterday I finished installing OpenBSD 2.9 from the 2001.05.28
snapshot on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4260DVD laptop. Everything went
perfectly on the install but this morning I booted the machine and let
it sit at the login prompt for a while. After ten minutes or so the
hard drive activity light came on and an error message was printed.

May 31, 01:31:59 Z sendmail[9299]: f4V8VxF09299: :Losing
./qff4V8VxF09299: savemail panic

May 31, 01:31:59 Z sendmail[9299]: f4V8VxF09299: SYSERR(root):
savemail: cannot save rejected email anywhere

I'm assuming this is my own fault somehow but it's pretty much a pain
vanilla install with X, KDE 2.1.1 (from packages) and
redhat_base-6.2p1 (from ports snapshot 2001/04/25). The "Z" above is
just the system name if it makes any difference.

Is there something I've missed something in Faq4 or afterboot(8) that
routes rejected mail (possibly to /dev/nul or someplace) that I've
forgotten to configure?

The only reason why I've sent this to tech rather than misc (where it
probably belongs) is the "panic" part of the error message. If by rare
chance I'm not at fault for the message, I figured the developers
would want to know.

Best Regards,