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Re: ipf & gcc

Brett Glass wrote:

> At 09:56 PM 5/30/2001, Rob Funk wrote:
> >As long as the software you're developing is not gcc itself, then gcc
> >doesn't burn commercial developers.
> Sure it does. It has destroyed the market for commercial compilers
> and has also forced projects (such as OpenBSD) who would prefer
> to distribute only truly free software to use it.

Richard Stallman's monomaniacal crusade for his vision of Free Software
led to the cornucopia of open source software of all descriptions and has
benefitted even projects which disagree on many details of Stallman's

The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton,
and the battle for public acceptance of Linux, BSD, SourceForge,
Apache, etc., was won in the GNU golden age.

It's easy to bark at Stallman, who is a truly impossible human being.
But few who do the barking have accomplished for open source and
free software 1/1000th of what Stallman has accomplished.

We should stand on the shoulders of the pioneers, rather than trying
to bite them on their kneecaps.

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