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Re: ipf

Perhaps its time to
create another mail list
for usefull email discussions

so on 

Topics for OpenBSD developers concerned with an alternative to ipf

Technical topics for OpenBSD developers and advanced users. Please direct
'new user' and installation-related questions to misc. Please do not
cross-post to both misc and tech

...and maybe the mail lists.....

Topics for OpenBSD users pissed off at the author of IPF and/or Theo


then use a script on the mail list server move all discussion after the
first 100 posts that has "ipf" in the header... 

... seriously all...

  If we must talk about ipf, talk about the finding an alternative,
talk about if short term it is feasible having in ports if appropriate
and not against authors wishes.... etc
Rather than having the discussion going non-tech, because by now
I imagine many readers will start deleting emails with
the subject "ipf" ...