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Re: ipf


I am afraid that is only possible if Darren will re-license OpenBSD branch
under BSD license (as he probably has done for FreeBSD if i understand
`granted permission' correctly). And that is unlikely to happen because of
conflict escalation we observed here on the lists :( Too bad, but there is
the `old BSD way' to grab ipfilter distribution separately and to install
it on your system. It is somehow time-consuming if there are some port
problems with latest release but it is better than nothing :(

About `code abusing' by OpenBSD.. There was public cvs and there was always
a way to back-port any OpenBSD changes back into main ipf tree. What's wrong
with it?

> I think Theo isn't being really cool about this one, I think the term "pissing
> contest" describes the situation. Oh well, I am saddened to see Darren's IPF
> source removed from the OpenBSD tree. I can understand Darren's point of view,
> a lot of people seem to be abusing his code and giving very LITTLE back. Oh
> well the few spoil the cream for the many. Hopefully everyone will come to
> their senses and Theo will put the source back, as IPF was a really big chunk
> of OpenBSD's great security.

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