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Re: ipf

> I think Theo isn't being really cool about this one, I think the term
> contest" describes the situation. Oh well, I am saddened to see Darren's

Open your ears instead of your mouth. Do you seriously think Theo is going
to go against OpenBSD's license and policy for a piece of software? NO. It's
too simple: Darren's license conflicts with OpenBSD's... END OF STORY.

> source removed from the OpenBSD tree. I can understand Darren's point of
> a lot of people seem to be abusing his code and giving very LITTLE back.
> well the few spoil the cream for the many. Hopefully everyone will come to
> their senses and Theo will put the source back, as IPF was a really big
> of OpenBSD's great security.

The _only_ way it will see it's way back into OpenBSD's code is if Darren
releases IPF under the BSD license (or something very similar which states
you can modify IPF anyway you want).

Big chunk of OpenBSD's security?? So what you are saying is now that IPF has
been taken out of the core OS, all the team's auditing and fixing bugs
doesn't equate to anything anymore? Are you mad? Does this mean that because
they took out IPF, I can no longer encrypt my swap space, or use blowfish to
hash my passwords? Pffff.