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Re: ipf

I think Theo isn't being really cool about this one, I think the term "pissing
contest" describes the situation. Oh well, I am saddened to see Darren's IPF
source removed from the OpenBSD tree. I can understand Darren's point of view,
a lot of people seem to be abusing his code and giving very LITTLE back. Oh
well the few spoil the cream for the many. Hopefully everyone will come to
their senses and Theo will put the source back, as IPF was a really big chunk
of OpenBSD's great security.


Tony Lambiris wrote:

> > In the long run what do you gain by fighting with the author?
> > You end up with a fork in the code and the new maintainers must
> > live with the notions of the original author. Work will be duplicated
> > as both sets of code must be maintained etc.
> >
> > It will be good to have firewall software that follows the BSD goals,
> > free for everyone.
> Yeah, why dont you talk to Darren about that one. No one is fighting with
> anyone. Darren was asked to license IPF under the BSD license, he said no,
> so OpenBSD took it out of their OS _because it conflicts with OpenBSD's
> license_.