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RE: ipf

> > There is certainly enough precedence to case doubt on the 
> > statement by the
> > author of ipf that it was never free to distribute or modify. 
> In the long run what do you gain by fighting with the author?
> You end up with a fork in the code and the new maintainers must
> live with the notions of the original author. Work will be duplicated
> as both sets of code must be maintained etc.
> It will be good to have firewall software that follows the BSD goals,
> free for everyone.

This quote of mine is a little out of context.  I agree with this statement.
In fact, I said as much in the original posting.

By mentioning the legal issues concerning the availability of ipf, I was
merely "comparing and contrasting" the legal issues with the philosophical

I never suggested that "we" (whomever that is) should start a legal battle
with the author of ipf.  I just suggested that the author may be on shaky
legal ground if he should ever be challenged by some other parties with
respect to ipf.  At least, in the way he states it on the ipfilter mail

Obviously, litigation will not solve anything in this case, and was never a
suggestion of mine.

I expect this is the last I have to say on the subject.

Thank you,