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Re: ipf

On Tue, 29 May 2001, will backman wrote:

> I am almost smart enough to run OpenBSD correctly, but cannot program C much
> beyond "hello world."
> What can non-programmers do to help.
> Does the OpenBSD team need anything to help this process along?
> What can I do to help?
> I'll be quiet now.

Buy a release CD, t-shirt, poster, donate hardware, donate money, write
documentation, and any other number of countless small or large bits that
help out.  While code is certainly at the heart of the OpenBSD project,
and you'll hear "show me code or shut up" a lot, there are a lot of jobs
that the guys who can code shouldn't have to and don't need to do if
volunteers help.  Since my time is limited these days, I help out by
buying releases and t-shirts (from Theo himself at USENIX last summer in
San Diego where he seemed a lot more personable than via e-mail :) as well
as donating hardware when and where I can.

There are tons of things you can do to help.  Think of one, and get it