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BSD authentication enabled in -current

Last evening I committed my patches to enable BSD authentication
throughout the source tree.  This means that the auth programs are
now build and installed in /usr/libexec/auth and things like login,
su, ftpd, su, sshd, etc now use them.

You can read bsd_auth(3), authenticate(3) and login_cap(3) for
info on BSD authentication.

NOTE WELL:  the kerberos support is currently untested.  I've
    been unsuccessful in my attempts to get people to test this
    and give me a yea or a nay so, at the request of the kerberos
    folks, I have just committed it as is.  It should get cleaned
    up soon as the kerberos guys are actively working on the
    kerberos 5 integration anyway.  In the meantime though, you
    might want to think twice about -current if you use kerberos.

 - todd