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Re: ipf

I already buy CD's, run OpenBSD, preach, buy shirts, and have donated good
amounts of cash.
I was hoping there might be some specific items needed to test firewall
software, such as crypto cards, gigabit stuff.
I assume the testing phase will require some high speed networking equipment,
disks, and processors.  Do we want to donate non-free OS licenses for
testing.  For example, I hear that Windows NT always sets the URG flag.  How
about some other firewall/IPSEC products and hardware for compatability

Tony Lambiris wrote:

> Donate money/hardware, track -current and submit any bugs, preach to
> everyone you know how great OpenBSD is and get them excitied enough to
> purchase a CD and try it out, buy a few tshirts or posters.... you can do a
> lot to help out.
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> From: "will backman" <whb@ceimaine.org>
> To: <tech@openbsd.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 9:17 AM
> Subject: Re: ipf
> > I am almost smart enough to run OpenBSD correctly, but cannot program C
> much
> > beyond "hello world."
> > What can non-programmers do to help.
> > Does the OpenBSD team need anything to help this process along?
> > What can I do to help?
> > I'll be quiet now.
> >
> >
> >
> > Will