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Re: ipf

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 12:53:50AM -0700, Darren Bolding wrote:
> Hmmm.
> I am a bit curious about what OpenBSD specific changes have 
> been made and if they have been passed on to Mr. Reed.

A CVS tag would change his source and infringe

> I usually built ipf anyway, and the lack of an OpenBSD target isn't
> a problem, but it would be nice.

As Darren, after all it is HIS source.

> I don't get the impression the relationship between the people who 
> have contributed the effort towards OpenBSD mods to ipf and Mr.
> Reed has been soured- or has it?

If you haven't figured it out from 20+ emails, all the news stories,
80-90 comments on OpenBSD Journal -- you're simply never going to get it.

Mark Grimes <obecian@openbsd.org>