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Re: ipf

Maybe, just maybe I'm lucky and this will end the thread (unless,
of course, you're a lawyer). I'm sure you'll all capable of doing
Google, some of you maybe even seeking legal counsel in one form
or another. :-)

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Chris Hedemark wrote:

> But wait... you can't retroactively change the license on a piece of
> software that you have already distributed and the user has already
> accepted.

Darren isn't changing anything. He has all rights reserved, whether
or not he states it or not. He has never given up those rights.

> If the OpenBSD team has been developing against software
> developed under one set of terms, can't development continue from that point
> ignoring the later versions coming from the official maintainer under new
> terms?

> Is this not similar to the genesis of OpenSSH?

No. Please reread the SSH 1 license. :-)

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