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Re: ipf

Well, some people were suggesting Something Big and Different in 3.0
to go with the jump in the one's digit...  Gotta be careful what you
ask for! 8-)

Theo and crew, best of skill and luck to you on this.  I would guess
that you will maintain the standards we have all been spoiled by in
whatever direction you go on this.  I'm going to treat this as a new
learning opportunity, and from what I have seen of the issue, you have
my full support (whatever that's worth).


Theo de Raadt wrote:
> sometime in the next 20 hours, i will be removing ipf from the source
> tree since it does not meet our freedom requirements, as have been
> outlined in policy.html and goals.html since the start of our project.
> we will have to work on an alternative.