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Re: ipf

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 10:38:54PM -0400, Chris Hedemark wrote:
> Theo said:
> > Because Darren has *very clearly* said that the old versions are not
> > free either.
> But wait... you can't retroactively change the license on a piece of
> software that you have already distributed and the user has already
> accepted.  If the OpenBSD team has been developing against software
> developed under one set of terms, can't development continue from that point
> ignoring the later versions coming from the official maintainer under new
> terms?

The crux of the mater is Darren claims his original license did not 
grant anyone (OpenBSD included) the right to modify ipfilter.

Its not a retroactive change.  No one was ever supposed to modify 
ipfilter without permission, but for some reason that has not been clear 
until now.

> Is this not similar to the genesis of OpenSSH?

Nope.  ssh had a less restricted license on an old version.  Ipfilter
never did but it seems no one realized that until recently.

please see: http://www.deadly.org/article.php3?sid=20010527142347

If you wade through the crap and the flames, there are a few intelligent
comments in there.

-Travis <kelp@nihilist.org>