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Re: ipf

> Theo said:
> > Because Darren has *very clearly* said that the old versions are not
> > free either.
> But wait... you can't retroactively change the license on a piece of
> software that you have already distributed and the user has already
> accepted.  If the OpenBSD team has been developing against software
> developed under one set of terms, can't development continue from that point
> ignoring the later versions coming from the official maintainer under new
> terms?

Darren has *very clearly* stated that the code was never free as we
thought; and basically that means that our belief that it was
free-enough was false.

Thus, we cannot use it.  Really, the 2nd line in goals.html is for
everyone's benefit.  It is the application of that same basic rule at
a California Campus a decade and a half ago that led to what we are

> Is this not similar to the genesis of OpenSSH?