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Re: ipf

In message <20010529222131.R21431@servervault.com>
	so spake Erik Fichtner (emf):

> Something that doesn't bugger up cvs updates, perhaps? 

Oh come on, this is just silly.  There's nothing preventing you
from running 2.9 or 2.9-stable.  The developement source tree is
just that--you track it at your own risk.  Anyone who gets "burned"
by this can simply check out a copy of the tree before ipf was taken
out; it still lives in the cvs repository.

For that matter, there's no reason a user can't just take Darren's
standard ipf distribution and use that on OpenBSD.  That's what
people who have wanted to run the bleeding edge ipf have done in
the past.

 - todd