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Re: ipf

> On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 07:13:11PM -0600, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> > sometime in the next 20 hours, i will be removing ipf from the source
> > tree since it does not meet our freedom requirements, as have been
> > outlined in policy.html and goals.html since the start of our project.


> Unfortunately, ipfilter and OpenBSD go very well together (aside from niggling 
> ideological differences that could probably be solved by working TOGETHER 
> instead of fighting) and you're doing a TREMENDOUS disfavor to your user 
> community [1] by pulling out ipfilter without a replacement system that works
> as fantastically well as the tight ipf/OpenBSD integration, or without coming
> to an aimicable solution, which you probably *could have accomplished* by 
> sending patches back to Darren. 

Clearly you didn't read the web pages up above.  What do they say?  They say
that the code must be free.  We asked Darren.  What did he say?  He said that
ipf will never be completely free.

So that's it.

What's your problem?  I can't tell if it is poor reading skills or if
it is a more basic problem in comprehension.

> Of course, it's too late now.. Everyone's resorted to peeing on each others 
> shoes over the issue, and thus, another NetBSD/OpenBSD battle ensues...
> *sigh*

If only it were.  Thanks for comparing it to something it has nothing
in common with.  Oh wait, it does not.  It's got people who don't read
calling it the next Armageddon.

Thanks.  You're such a help.

> [1] Yes, we're all aware that you work on OpenBSD for yourself and to hell
> with a user community...

Actually, ipf is being removed because many vendors who sell products
with modified ipf just got fucked.

I will let them speak up themselves, but some of them might now be
afraid of being sued by a certain Australian.

> [2] Personal opinion based on statements I've read on the ipfilter list..  
> May not actually be correct.

Wow, thanks for making assumptions.  Thanks.  Really.  You are such a