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Snapshots: KDE Package on OpenBSD 2.9

I realize by the +DESC that the v2.1.1 KDE package is a work in
progress but I figured feedback might be useful for those working on

I'm using the 2001.05.28 snapshot of OpenBSD and the packages from

The kdelibs-2.1.1.tgz package doesn't install libkparts.so.1.0 into

There were three other *.so files from the above package that didn't
get installed to /usr/local/lib but I failed to write down their

The qt2-3.0.tgz package doesn't install libqt.so.2.30 into

All the files are in the packages but just don't get installed by
pkg_add. I don't know much about how packages are built but if I can
be of any use on this, let me know.

Best Regards,