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Help needed

Hello , 
 I need a help ....
 Subject : Accseesing shared objects (throgh dlopen() ,dlsym()...) just like
LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress on Windows.. 
 I am able to call a method of a System library ( libc.so ,libm.so etc)
throgh dlopen() and dlsym() method
 But When I am creating my own .so file and calling method on that ... 
 dlerror() is giving this error --- undefined symbol "method name".
 I am using g++ compiler for creating .so file.  ( if I use cc compiler it
is working perfectly
 Since I am working with C++ I need to use g++ compiler.. )

 Any body worked on this  ? Encountered these kind of problems... 
 I need the answer urgently... 

Or How can  I access  Static methods of a class through  dlsym() ... ( if I
can do this ...then I will be happy)
Please respond ASAP....

Thanks in Advance 

Raghu K Nair
Software Engineer
Celstream Technologies
Phone (off): 2225256 extn 4167
Phone (res): 6587579
mail : raghu.kookkal@celstream.com