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Re: mounting linux disk images in openbsd

Do you not use ext2 for your linux partition?

mount -t ext2fs is what you missed.

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 05:54:45PM -0700, Brian McKinney wrote:
 > I have a linux partition dumped to a file using dd and i am trying to mount
 > it in openbsd.  I am running OpenBSD 2.8 Current with vnode support compiled
 > into my kernel.  I have been using vnconfig to make a device out of the
 > partition like so:
 > vnconfig -c -v vnd0 /dump.dd
 > mount -rv -o noexec,nodev /dev/vnd0c /mnt
 > The above caused openbsd to lockup and i was forced to reboot.
That's not good. Did it freeze completely as in "no keyboard, no pings"?