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RE: strip query

> You managed to run configure in 
> /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/binutils, or tried to 
> run the Makefile there directly.
> Surprise, surprise, there's a reason for the 
> Makefile.bsd-wrapper there.
> Your machine is probably pretty much hosed. Everything installed after
> that bogus strip is going to call abort.

That's what I did -- that's what you get for leveraging your Linux
experience.  The whole thing started when I was trying to get ld to link w/o
error after applying the glob() patches.  I've since learned the error of my

Most commands called Abort on execution, and because login/getty was
failing, init was complaining that getty was respawning too fast.  System
status: Hosed.

Luckily, sshd (and ftp!) was working, so I was able to replace most of the
binaries right from the base28.tgz image.  I didn't do comp or misc, though,
which seems to be my current problem.  I'm guessing some oddities with
linking I'm _still_ having are related to this.  Actually, because of the
strip issue coming up today, I have a solid direction to go in to solve
other issues.

However, I'm able to build 99% of what I have to, including the kernel
(which is a step up from a few weeks ago).  I'm am ready to upgrade to a
clean 2.9 system, though.  I am so pre-ordering it today...

Does all this sound like a hack?  Probably.  Do I still have a reasonably
working box acting as a small home web/file/firewall server?  You bet.

Thanks again,