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strip query

I was using the wrong strip -- probably the result of an attempt at getting
"ld" to link properly several weeks ago.  I must have installed the GNU
strip *somehow*.  Since it isn't in the source tree, I'm a bit puzzled about
how I managed to do this.

(Sits and thinks for a bit...)

The fallout was that it looks like I managed to use the wrong strip when
applying the glob() patches, and made everything that calls glob() do
nothing but report "Abort".  Things like "login" and "su".  Cripes.  I ended
up just selectively overwriting the offending binaries with the install
package.  "strip" must have been one of these...

I grabbed the 2.8 source, and recompiled usr.bin/strip, being careful to NOT
strip with the old strip on install, and all is well.

Thanks to all who gave assistance.